Research, Composition and

ganopoly-tag, health supplements with compound micro-active polysaccharides main ingredients, developed together by the New Zealand Institute of Natural Medicine Research and his research team - pharmacology and clinical experts from relevant international universities and research institutions. Extensive research shows that the active polysaccharide supports basic functions of cells protection and repair, such as cell detoxification, repair and regeneration.

Micro-compound mixture is a manifestation of the theory of "Three Effect Relationship", a relationship between natural medicine components in terms of structure, composition and dose of overall pharmacological effects. It is necessary to ensure the final product is safe, stable and effective.

Based on proven ancient traditional medicine recipes and follow the principle of 'ingredient in natural medicines formulas that have different roles', we compile concoction at the level of modern biology molecular to improve the synergy between components. We’ve effectively measuring these elements to get 'extra effects'. Next, extract the components using own developed and internationally patented ways,"Low Temperature, Low Pressure Extraction; Multi-Level-Bio-Chemical Isolation, Activation and Preparation Techno-logy" to ensure the final result of "pure and natural, high-tech, high concentration and very effective" product series.