New Zealand
The Last Pure Land on Earth

New zealand the maori tribal language (indigenous people), dubbed Aotearoa which means
"The land of the white cloud". In a country that is one hundred percent pure, sky blue expanse of clean,
Green is the color that was given to New Zealand by God.

New Zealand dubbed the last pure land on Earth that has not been polluted, has a natural
breeding shaped island with the best environment in the world, and warehouse of natural
resources in the world admit. Health products from New Zealand are world known with natural
characteristics, pristine, uncontaminated and high quality.

Alpha Group
International Healthcare Industry

Alpha Group Holding Ltd was founded in 1998 in New Zealand,
company's first world-class health industry professionals in research and development,
, known as a company producing a product consisting of mushroom base material,
natural vegetation, marine life, fruit and vegetables by using high-tech methods.


Founder & Chairman of Alpha Group

New era of Natural Medicine
New beginning of Healthy Living

Alpha Fujian
Bio-Technology Park

Alpha (Fujian) Bio-Technology Park in addition to being one of the important investment projects of Alpha Fujian Bio-Technology
Ltd in Tiongkok, under the Alpha Group Holdings Ltd., is also an important high biotechnology projects
that appeal to the intellect and foreign businessmen to invest. Is a pilot project
that promotes the health industry in the production and development of natural products and functional foods.

Feature of
Alpha Group

Alpha Group leading the international trend in the development of natural medicines were "safe, effective, stable and controllableā€,
by doing research on the active ingredients in natural
products through the use of the theory of modern molecular medicine and molecular pharmacology.