Natural medicines are natural products that have pharmacological activity, which contained in animals, plants, fungi, minerals and other natural products.

Along with society development, people increasingly pay attention to the negative effect of chemical medicine on human health and life environment. Facts prove that Western medicine largely derived from natural medicines, but some tests done by scientists on those nutritious contents also prove the existence of chemical compound to improve purity and lower cost, so most of Western medicines on markets are synthetic drugs.

It might have faster affectivity, but also increase the side effects, as the process may result in the shortage of other supporting content contained in natural medicines.

The biggest difference of natural medicines from man-made medicines is the number of other natural ingredients, so there is balancing functions which reduce the side effects of drugs.

Natural medicines are special because they have no side effects and have a better prospect in treating more complex disease. That is why every country (including United States, Western European countries, Japan, and South Korea) compete investing heavily to strengthen the research.

Along with the progression of age and consideration for human health, the future of many man-made drugs will definitely be replaced by natural medicines.