GAP & Raw
Materials Collection

GAP stands for Good Agricultural Practices. GAP is the implementation of agricultural production process that use environmentally friendly and sustainable advanced technology, so that the harvest products are save for consumption, workers’ welfare protected, and provide economic benefits to farmers. GAP can be widely applied to agricultural systems with different production scale. Currently include fruit and vegetables, ornamental plants, aquaculture, Chinese herbs, mushroom cultivation, coffee production, and integrated farming system.

In the scope of traditional medicine’s natural ingredients, GAP content is vast and complex, which include pharmaceuticals, biology, agronomy, and management science. It is a complex engineered system, but the core of GAP is “Standardization of production process to ensure the quality of medicine is stable and under control”. Hence the formulation of each segment revolves around the quality of medicinal materials and internal factor control (ex. Idioplasmic) and external factor (environmental, production techniques, etc.) which may affect the quality of the ingredients.

Alpha Group raw materials planting center strictly implement GAP standard that is formulated by local country, not only reinforce quality monitoring concept and raw materials safety, but also embody the flow and quality of the products that can be traced to its origin, so effectively improve the security and reliability of Alpha products.