Research & innovation
Alpha Group

Technology is the basic foundation of Alpha Group Holdings. Alpha Group makes the New Zealand Institute of Natural Medicine Research as a center, working with various renowned international experts in the fields to conduct research and development of natural medicines by using mushrooms, natural plants, marine life and more. The experts include mycologists, nutritionists, pharmacists, botanists, biochemists, pharmacologists and clinical pathologist.

The team of experts conducts high-quality, standardized, and high speed research based on scientific theory, thus ensuring the continuity supply of new products and the development of new techniques. Eventually obtain natural science research funding from the government of New Zealand as well as research and development of natural medicines funding from various countries in the world.

With Alpha Group as a center for global research collaboration, they conduct an efficient and dynamic strategy in attempt to get the latest information about science and technology development as well as information on the market. Establishing joint research programs on cutting-edge science and technology, developing new products in order to satisfy various health needs for customers worldwide.

Some of the active substances contained in Alpha Group’s natural products are Active Polysaccharides, Triterpenoid, Polypeptide, Organic Acid, Alkaloids, Glycosides, and Volatile Oils

In addition to the active polysaccharides extraction, Alpha Group also has 4 other types of international patents, especially in the field of "Low Temperature and Pressure Extraction, Multi-level Bio-Chemical Isolation, Extraction, Activation, and Preparation of Bioactive Substance Technology"; which can be used to extract, activate, and mixing more than 120 kinds of natural products (mushrooms, plants, marine organisms) and has created more than 30 kinds of medicines and health products with different benefits that has 3 to 5 times more benefits compare to products made using conventional methods.

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