Quality and

  • Organization and Human Resources

    Human resources are the important things in management system on product quality, the profesionality from the employee become a determinant of management quality in company that could directly affect to product’s quality.

  • Manufacturing and Equipment

    Alpha build a sterile factory by following the standards of the international pharmaceutical industry which is the EU class D, and gradually buy high quality production equipment such as osmosis water treatment

  • Raw Materials and Finished Product

    Raw material quality affect directly on product quality and hence to maintain a good quality should start from an early stage, verifying rigorously checklists Inspection System to whole suppliers.

  • Supervision or management production

    Company applying the operational standard of production in accordance with applicable regulation, enforce strict discipline in every production process, every department doing their duties with applicable standardization,

  • Supervision or management quality

    Company establish special department of quality management, who responsible to comprehensive quality assurance system, establish a system of quality management implementation and monitor operational effectiveness.


The study found all closely related to the molecular structure of the active substance. In the traditional processing process that uses a high temperature, the molecular structure will be directly damaged, this condition will cause a reduction in the active substance content.