Alpha Group

The combination of natural resource, the develop of complex natural medicines and health product
Research and study of Alpha Group is focus in develop health product and natural medicine that is integrated, interrelated and for entire body and organ with ingredients based on nature fungi, herbal, vegetables and fruits, marine biota, microorganism, mineral, and other related materials.

As a pioneer in research field of natural resources
Alpha Group is an international trendsetter in developing natural medicines are "safe, effective, stable, and restraine" to examine the active ingredients in natural products through the theory of modern molecular medicine and molecular pharmacology.

The use of active polysaccharides from natural resources
The function of active polysaccharides is to regulate immune function through various ways, caring health in whole body, preventing the disease and anticancer.

Alpha Group always monitoring and observing the development and application of active polysaccharides. From the technology of extraction natural medicine that invented and patented, we obtain the core of natural medicine, that is active polysaccharides. The series of Ganopoly product with active polysaccharides developed through this technique now become an international healthy products.

Patented of extraction technology
Alpha Group Holdings Ltd have some patents of technology extraction, including patents from research on active polysaccharide itself, we get four international patented, namely :“Low temperature technology, low pressure extraction, multilevel of biochemist isolation, activation and preparation”.

Pioneer of Modern Technology in molecular compound
Alpha Group has become pioneer in molecular compound to the nutritive substances extracted based on the characteristic, achieving effect as molecules level that each has a different function.

Integration of multiple mechanisms to embody the exceptional efficacious compounds
Research on Alpha Natural medicine that combines detoxification of cells, cell repair and regeneration of cells, producing a remarkable trinity effect, namely : cell detoxification is to clean the cell in our body, improve internal and external conditions of cells and repair damaged cells, enhance the regeneration ability of the body's cells.

The most scientific and complete in Planning the product
We classify the products according to the group of diseases; perform product benefit arrangement in stages based on the "prevention, health protection, treatment"; perform a blend of materials based on their respective functions; developing health products and a complex of natural medicine.

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