Improving of
Human Health

Global vision

Nowadays, Alpha Group has been researching and developing variety of medicines to fight various diseases. One of the most important research and development is to against HIV and AIDS. Alpha Group with it’s research in active polysaccharides, was participated in “World Research Center Polysaccharides Prevent AIDS” conference which attended by scientists and experts.

We desirous that our invented products will grant you a better health condition with the our products features of non toxic and no side effect.

Our global vision is to spread knowledges, research and the improving of natural medicine to be widely used commercially and can be a role major in the development of bioeconomy.

Exploit the natural resources to create natural medicine products, health supplements, foods, that protecting human health, is always be Alpha’s business mission that never changes. Initiation phase based on Tritunggal (scientific research, production, market) is the persistence working target of Alpha group.

Vision of Alpha Group

Vision 2016

  • Settlement construction of ALPHA BIO-TECHNOLOGY Park
  • Direct-selling license
  • Recognition as best brand
  • IPO
  • Production value reach US $ 800.000.000.

Vision 2019

  • Expand market surrounding 3 regional areas
  • Completion of plantation GAP in North and South China
  • Creating management sector of healthy
  • Production value reach US $

Vision 2022

  • The distribution network reaching around the world.
  • Being the most advanced companies in the world in the field natural health and medicine
  • Production value reach US $