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Mr. Baohuang Xue (Karl) was born in 1965 in Xiamen City, Fujian Province China. He was graduated from Fujian Agricultural University with Major on Soil Chemical Science. He is the student of Professor Yihuai Gao whose Alpha Group’s Founder and Chairman. Mr. Baohuang Xue migrant to Australia in 1989, he was well educated both on Western Education System and Eastern Education System. He knows very well in management idealogical from both systems.

He has been work for many international and listed companies in high level management team. He also has lots of experiences on coping with different countries, different cultures and background in the market. Mr. Baohuang Xue joint Alpha Group on 2011, during 2011 to 2014,

Mr. Baohuang Xue was the General Manager of Alpha Myanmar. Under his management, Alpha Myanmar achieved the Number One MLM company in Myanmar only 5 years after Alpha establish business in Myanmar. This achievement is appreciated by Alpha Headquarter and always a good example for Alpha Market in the global business.

Mr. Baohuang Xue was appointed as General Manager of Alpha Indonesia on June, 2014. As Mr. Baohuang Xue’s rich experiences in his career and management in MLM industry. His Character of brace and responsibility, perseverance, never be defeated, Mr. Baohuang Xue has make up his mind to bring his team marching the goal of success in Indonesia and his big dream in Indonesia is :

Alpha Indonesia will become top 10 of MLM company in Indonesia before 2020.

Organization and Social Experiences :

  • Agricultural Agency Xiamen City as Agronomy Assistant
  • Travel Agency NZ Pacific International as General Manager
  • Jixiang Moye Company Ltd, Caho Zhou City as General Manager
  • China Green Company Ltd as Director of Trading
  • Alpha Myanmar as General Manager
  • Alpha Indonesia as General Manager
  • Association Fujian Citizen in Australia as Director
  • Association Chamber of Commerce Industry Fujian in Australia as Director
  • Association Fujian Citizen in New Zealand as Secretary General

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