Prof. Yihuai Gao

Founder & Chairman of Alpha Group

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New Era of Natural Medicine
New Beginning of Healthy Living

Message from Founder
Healthcare business and medical business was born concomitant with human presence and also evolve along with the mankind growth.

At the 21st century, every field of research in the biological sciences have progressed to be a breakthrough, providing hope and occasion of new life to the health of mankind. This relates due the completion of the Human Genome Project (HGP), implementation of research project of proteomic and glikomika, the invention of the apoptosis theory, RNA interference, stem cell theory, nanotechnology, High-Throughput Screening (HTS) bioactive substances methods also several invention of new theories.

At the same time, the ancient natural medicine which is a “heritage” of intelligence of mankind for thousands years is becoming an alternative. Rediscovering eastern culture as representative of Tiongkok’s culture. Therefore this century will be the decades of the convergence of eastern and western culture, and also being a shining century with the merging of Tiongkok’s traditional medicine and west’s modern technology.

Since the world entered the 21st century , Alpha Group that using the three fields of biotechnology as the basis for a revolution on modern natural medicines which centers on a molecular level compound, must raced to welcoming the challenge of scientific research in facing of mankind struggle to be healthy and living good, do a full conscientious working process, face the challenge in expanding the market, doing cultivation and working harder to completing a mission in exploring the cultural heritage of medicine.

Alpha Group got the attractive progress outcome, especially in targeting efficacy of drug, discovered receptor and new enzymes in large quantities related to disease mechanisms, through the research of international biological sciences in scope of biochemistry and biology cellular and molecular levels. Eventually it will provide the potential for the discovery of new natural active compounds to us, that would be a breakthrough treatment and reciprocity tremendous market.

Alpha will snatch this phenomenon (a phenomenon back to nature and modernization of of traditional medicine heritage) and uphold the concept of culture "bequeath Love, bequeath Healthy" (your health your future), using the new biological method, and creating Alpha as a trendsetter, especially in biological sciences at the 21st century.